How to Recover Pictures from Hard Drive?

Pictures are the favorite possession of anyone. These are the effective files which capture the emotions, nature, etc. beauty of the creation. If you are interested in photography then you might be having lots of collection of photos with you. You can store your huge data of photos on your computer. The hard drive of the computer is capable of storing enormous data on it. You can store all the photo file types like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, etc. on it. You can transfer the files from the memory card of the cameras onto the computer.

Sometimes it happens that you tend to lose the files from the hard drive of the computer. All the collection of photos which you had clicked from years will be gone at a moment. Suppose, you had reinstalled the OS and forgot to back up the photos on the hard drive then you will lose all the photos from the user interface. However, you can recover pictures from hard drive using recovery software. Photo Recovery Tool is one of the recommended tools to retrieve photos from hard drive.

Some of the scenarios in which you lose photos from hard drive:

File System corruption: The File System of the compute is accessed by the Operating System to perform any operation on the drives of the computer. If the File System is corrupted then you the files on the drive will not be accessed. You will lose the important data on it. You had some important photos in the drive. In such situation, you need to recover photos from hard drive using recovery software.

Shift + Delete or Command + Delete: Shift + Delete operation is performed on the computer to delete the files on it permanently. The files on the hard drive will bypass the hard drive. In the same way the Trash on Mac will be emptied and the photos will be lost forever if you use Command + Delete operation to delete files on the Mac computer.If you wish to recover deleted files from Mac Trash, then this software will be the best solution for recovering pictures from Trash after emptying accidentally or emptied due to keyboard shortcut keys.

Format: You may format the hard drive without taking backup of the files on it. You had lots of important pictures on the hard drive which you never wish to lose.  In such situation, you need photo recovery software to get back the deleted photos which you cannot afford to lose, click for more info. Photo Recovery Tool is one of the reliable recovery tools on which you can rely on.

Resizing: The drives on the hard drive can be resized. If you want to increase the storage space of a drive then you can expand the drive size if there is free space on the drive. Otherwise you can compress the other drives with less data or unimportant data. You may lose the data on the compressed drive. In such situation, you can retrieve lost photos using recovery software, for more details click over here.

Important features of Photo Recovery Tool:

The Photo Recovery Tool helps you to recover photos from hard drive effectively. You can recover varieties of photo files using the software including the RAW photo files of the DSLR cameras. The software also recover deleted photos from Recycle Bin from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP,and so on. The software helps you to retrieve photos from memory card, iPod, flash drive, etc. external drives on the computer. The demo version of the software is also available which can be used to evaluate the recovery result.

Steps to recover photos from hard drive using Photo Recovery Tool:

Step 1: Download and install Photo Recovery Tool on the computer. Run the software and choose “Recover photos” option from the main page of the software.

Recover photos from hard drive - Main Screen

Step 2: Then select “Recover Lost Photos” or “Recover Deleted Photos” option from the second screen depending on the photo loss scenario. Then select the drive and click on “Next” to scan for the photos. You can scan for specific file types or scan all the media files.

Recover photos from hard drive - Recover lost photos

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview the photo files from the list of the recovered photo files. Then save the files using “Save” option on the computer.

Recover photos from hard drive - Save Recovered

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